My Name is Alicia, I am from a small town in the centre of Ireland.  All my life I have loved to write and be creative, however blogging was something I stumbled into by accident and only very recently whilst trying to distract myself from a broken heart.

I guess writing has always been my sanctuary, I have found comfort in expressing my thoughts and views on paper for many years and now I am choosing to share them publicly, for whomever is interested.

I adore trying new things and that exciting feeling of venturing into the unknown, whether it be travelling to an unfamiliar town, falling in love or trying a brand new beauty product or treatment.

I don’t know about you but there is a little jump for joy within me, when I open a new lipstick shade or try a brand new foundation for the first time. 

I promise to only give you my honest feedback and opinions on anything I may review. If it’s shite then…il tell you it’s shite. I wont sugar coat my opinions and  If it’s great then all the better 😊




Contact me for any serious enquiries, promotional offers and or review collaborations in the contact me section.